WBA Steering Committee Positions

Committee Officers
(1 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Chairman (Must Be Steering Committee Member for 1 Year Prior)
    • Set Dates for All Steering Committee Meetings / Events
    • Facilitate All Membership Meetings / Events
    • Picks Up Mail from WBA Post Office Box and Distributes as Necessary
    • Approve Bills / Invoices to be Paid
  • Vice-Chairman (Must Be Steering Committee Member for 1 Year Prior)
    • Take Minutes of Each Steering Committee Meeting and then Types / Distributes to Steering Committee Members Prior to Next Board Meeting
    • Secures Meeting Places and Logistics
    • Updates By-Laws and Duties Per Request of the Board and Distributes to SC Members
  • Treasurer (Must Be General Membership Member for 1 Year Prior)
    • Maintains All Financial Responsibilities (Deposits, Reconciliation of Bank Statements, Reports, Etc.)
    • Set Up and Maintain Accounts (PO Box, Bank Accounts, Etc)
    • Collects Funds at the Door for Luncheon Meetings / Events

Marketing / Communications Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Maintain WBA Website - Frequent Updates to Directory, News and Luncheon Pages
  • Maintain WBA Facebook Page
  • Create and Send Out Membership Meeting / Event Flyers
  • Writes and Distributes Various Press Releases to Local Media
  • Frequently Check WBA Gmail Account and Respond to Received Inquiries
  • Forward RSVP's from Gmail Account to Meetings Committee Chair for Use at Luncheon Check-In
  • Work with Committee Chairs to Distribute Necessary Information to Membership

Meetings Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Plans Each Membership Luncheon Meeting (Speaker, Topic, Food, Prayer, Pledge)
  • Arranges for Marketplace Sponsors (4-6) at Each Luncheon
  • Coordinates with Marketing Chair on GGetting Luncheon / Event Info to All Members
  • Coordinates Name Tag Station at Luncheons / Events
  • Arranges for Picture Taking at All Events and Coordinates with Marketing Chair to Upload Pics on Website / Social Media Sites
  • Collects and Organizes RSVP's from Mardeting Chair
  • Passes Microphone Around at Luncheons / Events for Member Announcements

Membership Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Welcomes New Members / Guests at Meetings
  • Sends Out Welcome / Thank You Notes to New Members within 1 Week of Joining
  • Coordinates with Marketing Chair on Membership Directory (Website Updates)
  • Coordinates with Treasurer Regarding Collected Membership Dues
  • Investigates All Non-Renewals after Yearly Deadline (March 2nd)
  • Assists Treasurer in Collecting Funds at the Door for Luncheon Meetings / Events

Athena Award Banquet Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Overall Planning for Annual Athena Award Luncheon
  • Initiates Nomination Process for Awards and Creates All Deadlines for Nomination Process
  • Assists Nominees with Award Nomination Packets
  • Gathers Sponsors for Luncheon
  • Books Speaker / Entertainment for Luncheon Program
  • Coordinates Table Decorations as Necessary
  • Created Luncheon Program Agenda for Approval of Board

Scholarship Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Coordinates with Fundraiser Chair for Determination of Scholarship Monies
  • Coordinates with Marketing Chair on Scholarship Application Distribution (via Website, Social Media Sites and Local Media)
  • Informs Terrebonne / Lafourche Parish High School Guidance Counselors of Scholarship Program
  • Collects All Scholarship Applications and Creates Deadlines for Application Process
  • Implements Scale of How Voting is Weighted During Award Selection Process
  • Schedules / Coordinates Special Meeting Date of Board to Vote on Awards
  • Communicates with Award Winners on Luncheon Program Details
  • Communicates with Past Recipients on Happenings of Past Year

Fundraiser Chair
(2 Year Term with 1 Year Option)

  • Arranges for Sub-Committee Chair for the Following WBA Events and Coordinates All as Necessary:
    • Women, Wine and Fashion Night
    • Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon
    • Other